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The tour operator “Aventour” is founded on September 29, 2011. We believe that each your trip is very important, so we try to make it comfortable and unforgettable. We know that all details make the difference, so we serve our customers from the beginning to the end of their trip. Each of our team loves Ukraine very much, so we hope that you will feel the same after visiting it. Trip by “Aventour” is a holiday full of fun, comfort, discovering places, habits, customs and traditions. And holidays that knows how to give emotions to those who chose it.

So we suggest inbound tours to Ukraine.

City break tours of Ivano-Frankivsk, Kolomyia, Kosmach, Yaremche, Nadvirna, Yasinia and Deliatyn.

Sightseeing Tour. Our numerous proposals for guided tours in the most important UKRAINIAN cities and in the tourist areas will allow you to choose from a wide range of products. We are able to create tailored tours ensuring the quality of routes, facilities and transportation with the attention to your every need. We offer: Classic tour, classic Ukrainian art, history and culture of our country; Places of the spirit, religious route to discover the “Sacred ways”; Tour and fun, not only art and culture but also a lot of fun.

Mountain vacation. The holidays at the high altitude will give you unique emotions, made of sounds and scents of green paths and rock jumps, crystal-clear streams and bright expanses of snow. These are the mountains in Ukraine. A perfect setting for a holiday all year round… winter, spring, summer or fall there is always a place to live and find out! There are many of the resorts and tourist destinations where you can share the experience of being in contact with the enchanting natural heritage. The Ukrainian mountain resort offers numerous cultural opportunities and outdoor activities both in winter and in summer: skiing, snowboarding, hiking, mountain biking and many others.

Trekking experience. You need the full functioning of the senses to travel. Small or large, you will live your trip with your intellectual and physical senses; you will absorb everything that surrounds you in full consciousness. You will compare yourself with daily life made of matter and the universal nature made of origins, with what we have and not with what we must be daily. We will understand that the wealth of a man is measured by what he has seen and not from what he has got. Here is our Trekking Experience, a journey of emotions in the natural environment: rivers, mountains, forests and people different from us. Our minds are opened to new lease of life until we understand our identity.

Vorota Karpat. The Ukrainian Carpathians is a piece of the world that attracts like a magnet. Beautiful mountains, cool rivers and sincere Ukrainian soul make them special. One of these places is Carpathian village Deliatyn that opens us the gates to the Carpathians. Deliatyn is a town situated between mighty mountains and wide forests. Right here the real Carpathians Mountains begin.

Deliatyn is wonderful town with beautiful landscapes and incredible convenience of location. It is far from regional center Ivano-Frankivsk only in 56 kilometers, in 9 kilometers to famous resort town Yaremche and in 45 kilometers to the largest ski resort of Eastern Europe – Bukovel.

An adornment of the town and happiness of the tourists is the recreation complex “Vorota Karpat”. It is located in 5 km to the downtown and in 2 km to the intersection of main tourist road Mukachevo - Lviv and Kolomyia - Delyatyn. The complex consists of 14 hotel rooms, two-story restaurant with 3 halls (for 90, 100 and 150 people). There is also a wonderful summer terrace, nature corner, gazebo, playground and lake. Here you can also find an excellent bath house, heated pool and room for relaxing.

Traditional Hutsul comfort prevails in the resort complex “Vorota Karpat”. Rooms are designed in Ukrainian style that’s why tourists are enjoying of the rest in this wonderful place. In addition to traditional design recreation complex is proud of its delicious and sophisticated Ukrainian cuisine. Moreover, holidays in “Vorota Karpat” are not only comfortable but also beneficial, because there are special discounts for permanent customers and tourist groups.

Staying at the hotel "Vorota Karpat" you immediately feel this unique Carpathians atmosphere, and friendly staff will turn your stay into a pleasant Deliatyn fairytale, the mention of which will bring positive moments that will remain in your heart for a long and cause you to return here again and again.

About marvelous atmosphere and coziness of the Carpathians can talk for hours, but the best option is to witness and experience the uniqueness of all this wonderful and hospitable region and ensure that the words and stories of the Carpathians is only a small piece of its greatness.

So welcome to Ukraine. Welcome to the Carpathians. Welcome to “Aventour”.

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