Weekend tour "The Silver Necklace of the Carpathians"

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Weekend tour "The Silver Necklace of the Carpathians" 

Ivano-Frankivsk - Kolomyia - Sheshory - Kosiv - Delyatin - Yaremche - Bukovel - Delyatin – Ivano – Frankivsk

(2 days/1 night)

The tour takes place every Saturday.

Day 1: departure from Ivano-Frankivsk (9:00) to Kolomyia (sightseeing tour: city hall, visiting of museums: “Pysanka”, “Hutsulshchyna”, “Museum of the History of Kolomyia”, and visiting of the ancient wooden church of Pokuttia) - Sheshory (“The Silver Waterfalls”, lunch) - Kosiv (sightseeing tour of the city with a visiting of the Kosiv Museum of Folk Life and Art, souvenirs market) - Delyatin (checking-in at the hotel “Vorota Karpat” at 19:30, Hutsulska zabava (Hutsul fun).

Day 2 day: departure (10:00) - Yaremche (the waterfall Probii, mini zoo, park "Carpathians in miniature", restaurant-museum "Hutsulshchina", souvenirs market and dinner) - Bukovel (ride the chairlift up to the highest peak of the mountain Bukovel and enjoy the Carpathian panorama) - Delyatin (checking-out from the Hotel "Vorota Karpat - Ivano-Frankivsk (return at 22:00).


Detailed description of excursion sites:

Kolomyia is an ancient city with an Austro-Hungarian motive of development, the city of Kolomyiok (hutsuls national songs), one of the most beautiful cities in Galicia. The city is also known for its unique Museum of Easter eggs. It is located in the largest egg in the world (13.5 m) and has an exposition of 12,000 exhibits.

The Pysanka Museum is an architectural building in the form of the world's largest egg (14 meters high and 10 meters in diameter). It is the only museum in the world of Easter eggs that attracts visitors from all countries. Now the museum has a collection of more than 6,000 Easter eggs from the vast majority of regions of Ukraine (Ternopil, Lviv, Vinnitsa, Cherkasy, Kirovograd, Odessa), as well as from Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Belarus, Poland, the Czech Republic, Sweden, the United States, Canada, France and India. Some exhibits were made at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth century.

The Museum of Hutsulshchyna is one of the oldest and most famous museums in Ukraine, whose collection has more than 22,000 exhibits from the Trypillian culture and to the present. In 18 exhibition halls, there are presented a variety of types of folk art, which this region is famous for. Particularly interesting are samples of carving on the tree, which decorated residential and religious buildings, furniture, agricultural implements, household items, musical instruments. The artistic wares of metal and horn, made at different times by masters of Hutsulshchyna, are widely displayed.

Museum of the History of Kolomyia - the first chronicles of the city, documents, things of everyday life of citizens, and photographs are presented here. Collected exhibits make it possible to trace all the diverse history of the city - a story of the German colonies in Kolomyia; the history of the bodies of local self-government; Kolomyia and Habsburg; economy and trade of the city; education of townspeople; the history of the Jewish community and much more. There are 18 exhibition halls in total. The museum occupies the building of the former county council, where the interior of the 19th and 20th centuries was reproduced.

The wooden church of Pokuttia in Kolomyia is one of the most advanced representatives of the Hutsul wooden architecture, besides one of the oldest among them, which has survived to this day. A full-scale survey of the main architectural and structural units of the building makes it possible to attribute its construction to the end of the XVI century. People were called the church as "mushroom”. The courtyard of the temple is fenced from the side of the street with a beautiful gate of boards, made in Hutsul traditions.

Sheshory is a picturesque Hutsul village in the Carpathians. It is located along the shores of the picturesque mountain river Pistinka. Hutsul musical folklore, traditions, and numerical crafts are preserved here; thriving carving, weaving and barbecue is also known for its "The Silver waterfalls".

"The Silvery waterfalls" are the main landmark of the village of Sheshory. Waterfalls formed on the river Pistinka. By the Sheshorsky waterfalls are Great and Small Guk. They got this name because of the water color that forms splashing when flowing over the stones. Small Huck - the height of the fall of water here is about 2 m. If you walk 250 meters down the river, then you can hit the Falls of Great Huck, where the height of the fall of water reaches 5 m, and the area of the waterfall is 0.5 hectares. Not far from the Silver waterfalls is the source of healing mineral waters.

Kosiv is a district center, located on the banks of the river Ribnitsa. Archaeological finds, in particular stone axes and bronze products, indicate that the territory of the modern city was inhabited during the Neolithic and Copper. Kosiv is also called the pearl of Hutsulshchyna and the unofficial capital of Carpathian souvenirs. The souvenir market works only on Saturdays (from three o'clock in the night), is perhaps the largest in Ukraine.

The Kosiv Museum of Folk Life and Art is located in the house that is architectural monument (XIX-XX centuries), which from the very beginning belonged to the Jewish community (so-called 'rabbin's wall'). The collection of the museum has about five thousand exhibits. It presents one of the finest collections of wood, ceramics, leather and metal products, Hutsul clothing and embroidery. The museum exposition introduces folk arts and crafts of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Attractive attention is paid to the things of household and household purposes - scoops, knapsacks, slippers, jackets and covers, tasters, belts-cheres, candlesticks, jugs and bowls, which are characterized by elegant forms, original decorations.

Yaremche is a picturesque Hutsul city located in the valley of the Prut river among the picturesque mountains. Thousands of tourists come every year there to admire the beauty of the breakthrough waterfall “Probii”, look into the local souvenir market and to see and have a dine at the museum-restaurant "Hutsulshchyna".

Bukovel is the largest ski resort in Ukraine and one of the largest in Europe. Here you can ride the chairlift up to the highest peak of Bukovel, where an incredible panorama of the Gorgan and the Chornohirsky range opens.

Organizer: LLC "Aven-Tour" (license for tour operator activity № AГ 580642 as of 21.10.2011).

Tour price: 810 UAH/person - for group of 16 people;

760 UAH/person - for group of 19 people;

730 UAH/person - for group of 25 people;

670 UAH/person - for group of 30; people;

565 UAH/person - for group of 45 people;

685 UAH/person - for any number of people in the group.

The tour price is INCLUDED:

  •          Transfer;

  •         Accommodation at the hotel “Vorota Karpat”;

  •         Guide services.

The tour price does NOT INCLUDE:

  •  entrance tickets to tourist sites,

  •  personal expenses

  •  food

The cost of entrance tickets:

  •  entrance ticket to Museum "Pysanka" -25 UAH.

  •  entrance ticket to "Museum of Hutsulshchyna" -40 UAH.

  • entrance ticket to «Museum of History of Kolomyia» -30 UAH.

  •  entrance ticket to "Kosiv Museum of Folk Life and Art" -20 UAH.

  •  entrance ticket to "Yaremche Mini Zoo" - 20 UAH.

  • entrance ticket to the park "Carpathians in miniature" -20 UAH.

  •  ride the chairlift up to Bukovel Mountain and down (round trip): the total - 105 UAH; pensioners and children under 12 years - 75 UAH;

Accommodation: recreation complex "Vorota Karpat" (Deliatyn city), comfortable double and triple rooms with private facilities.


Breakfast on the 1st day - you can have breakfast at home or take food with you to have a snack during the trip.

Lunch on the 1st day - takes place in the restaurant "Arkan" in. Sheshory and consists of Hutsul cuisine: Cost of 0000 UAH.

Dinner on the 1st day - takes place in the restaurant of the recreation complex "Vorota Karpat" during the Hutsulska zabava ("Hutsul fun"). Cost of 150 UAH

Breakfast on the 2nd day - takes place in the restaurant of the recreation complex "Vorota Karpat". Cost of 65 UAH

Lunch on the 2nd day - takes place in Bukovel in catering establishments on the tourists taste and choice.

Dinner on the 2nd day - takes place in the restaurant of the recreation complex "Vorota Karpat". Cost of 150 UAH


To fully appreciate the Hutsuls, their luck, customs, traditions and cuisine, we invite you to visit the “Hutsul fun”. During the fun you are waiting for:

  •  food of Hutsul cuisine;

  •  master classes on Hutsul dances: gutsulka, sieve, dove;

  •  Hutsul singers, kolomyikas, songs about the Carpathians;

  •  and dances, dances, dances accompanied by burning Hutsul music.


Registration for the tour by tel.: +38(099)7453717, +38(067)3446632, +38(0342)72-56-64,

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The tourist operator company decline all responsibility for weather conditions, and also for the traffic jams and reconditioning of roads.

Tour operator preserves the right to make changes to the tour program without changing the total number of services.

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